Water Cooled Chillers

Water Cooled Chillers by EMS Chiller

Water cooled chillers are often preferred in places with poor air, not airy such as ground floors, basements, and boiler rooms. These are the most ideal and efficient systems for indoor areas and used in various industrial facilities.  Water cooled chillers are also used in hospitals, factories and complete building cooling.

These appliances, in which the condenser is cooled with water, have tower fans.  The heat of the gas inside the copper pipes are taken away through water and water is chilled in the tower fans.  This is the very basic working principle of chiller systems. There are three main components in chilling systems; compressor, evaporator and condenser.  Yet, some more complementary items are required, such as expansion valve or capillary tubes to control the chilling flow, thermostat, drying filter, liquid holder, sight glass, manometer, and thermometer.  It should be noted that all these elements have a certain lifetime. It is important to make periodical maintenance to water cooled chillers annually. Perished or worn parts or components should be definitely replaced with the new ones and make sure that the system operates smoothly.

In EMS Chiller, chillers on a single pedestal are produced with capacities ranging from 5 TR – 4,000 TR (17.58 kW – 14,067 kW).